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Hasan Mehedi

Chief Executive

Hasan Mehedi

Hasan Mehedi is the founder and Chief Executive of CLEAN. Before founding CLEAN in 2010, he spent 12 years as the key person of different right-based organizations. He has over 25 years of experience working on Child, Adolescent, and Women's Rights, Financial Accountability, Forest People’s Rights, Mangrove Conservation, People's Movement against destructive projects, Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Practices, and Environmental Governance in Bangladesh.

Mehedi holds a Master's degree in Political Science from the National University of Bangladesh and several national and international training on facilitation, environmental impact assessment, mangrove conservation, capacity building of grassroots organization, and right-based development. In 2012, he awarded Best Environmental Activist Award from the Asian Marine Conservation Association (AMCA), a Teaching Award from Khulna University.

When not at work, Mehedi is out exploring the countryside or the Sundarbans, taking photos of local plants, making databases of Bengal Flora, and reading wonderful books- ranging from cobbling to preaching. He speaks on Right-based Development occasionally for university students.

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