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Kaniz Rabeya

Communication Coordinator

Kaniz Rabeya

Kaniz Rabeya, a comms. professional, currently serving as a Communication Coordinator at the Coastal Livelihood and Environmental Action Network (CLEAN) since 2023. She formerly worked as a Survey Supervisor at Practical Action Consultancy (PAC). Kaniz has an excellent educational background, including a Master of Development Policy and Studies from Khulna University and a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering, establishing her as an accomplished researcher. She was recognized for her contributions at the International Conference on Social Science Issues (ICSSI 2023), where she got the Best Paper Award.

Kaniz's area of interest is to conduct quantitative research on various social science issues, particularly in the realms of climate change and renewable energy. Additionally, Kaniz excels in regional communication, website development, and management proficiently. Her skills extend to data management and analysis, making her a valuable asset in any research endeavor. Her diverse interests and continuous pursuit of knowledge not only keep her motivated but also propel her forward in her career aspirations.

In the next five years, Kaniz envisions herself as a possible researcher in the area of environmental/computational economics, where she hopes to pursue higher studies. Looking ahead ten years, she aims to become one of the leading climate figures in Asia, utilizing her diverse skill set and accumulated expertise to make significant contributions to the field. Beyond her professional endeavors, Kaniz finds joy in her pets, cooking traditional cuisine, and taking nature photographs, which further enrich her life.

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